Education should be free, but not everyone can afford free

Our training program is 100% free. You can learn to code and get an amazing job through live instruction with an amazing community. For those that need it, we also offer a way to earn while you learn through building real code for real clients.

About us

Next Cohort Starts March 5th.
Join our community today.

100Devs training program is fiscally sponsored by the Open Collective Foundation 501(c)(3). We’ve helped thousands of people learn to code and helped hundreds get jobs as software engineers.

Actually Learn This Time

750+ Hours Of Live Instruction

Learning by yourself is hard. With 100Devs you will finally have a consistent schedule, your questions answered in real-time, and a community that wants to see you succeed.

Weekly Classes - Live on Twitch.
These sessions are interactive, allowing students to engage with instructors and our community in real time. We like to joke, have fun, and realize class time is also networking / community building time too.
Weekly Office Hours - Live on Discord.
Office hours are a great way to go deeper on any topics with which the cohort may be struggling. Get unstuck and your questions answered live.
Realtime Support.
Our chat and discord is filled with alumni, industry veterans, and your fellow cohort members that are available to answer any questions and make sure you succeed.
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Real experience

Work With Real Clients

Learning to code is not enough. All of our graduates have worked with real clients and gained real experience before applying to jobs.

Our free academy trains elite engineers that work for the best tech companies in the world. They return to lead the next cohort of engineers who get paid to work on real projects for real clients.
Getting freelance clients is a major part of our curriculum. Our goal is to have you freelancing in just a few weeks, so you can sustain yourself through our training program.
Not everyone has the privilege of being able to work due to visa restrictions. For these individuals, we help them volunteer for local grassroots organizations to gain real-world experience.
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The world's most innovative companies hire our graduates

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Learn faster, together

Community Taught

You can learn this stuff anywhere, but what makes 100Devs different is our community. We are committed to building a safe inclusive community of software engineers. We live by one major rule, “Be Kind, or Get The Fuck Out”.

60,000 Ready To Help.
Our global community is always there to support you. We average about ~7,000 online at any time hanging out in voice chats and answering questions in our help channels.
Stream Team.
Class isn’t the only time we are live. We have a crew of engineers that go live on Twitch throughout the week to help others learn, provide study sessions, or just explore new tech.
Weekly Events.
Our community comes together weekly to hear from folx on the job hunt, learn from alumni that have secured amazing jobs, and to just have fun in community with each other.
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Here when you need us most

Daily Job Support

Support doesn’t stop at graduation. Our community is there until you get the job.

Daily Huddles.
We meet daily to answer questions and talk through any of the situations you find yourself in during the job hunt. A normal huddle will involve helping folx craft their stories, talking through a past interview, or helping someone negotiate a job offer.
Behavioral Practice.
Weekly practice to hone the skills that help your secure interviews and get through the initial rounds.
Continued Technical Training.
Daily coding challenge practice. Hone your data structures & algorithms and feel confident going into your technical interviews.
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Anyone Anywhere

Our community spans across the globe. Together, we leverage our collective expertise to empower others to learn, build, and grow into phenomenal software engineers.

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Grassroots Orgs Helped


Open Source Contributors


Hours of live instruction


In freelancing client work secured


In Software Engineering Salaries


Members ready to help

Your Instructors

We’re a collective of individuals who are passionate about helping you succeed, but these are the folx who lead our core classes.

  • Leon Image

    Leon Noel

    Teacher & Founder, 100Devs

    Leon Noel is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and educator with a passion for training people underrepresented in tech for high growth careers as software engineers. As Managing Director of Engineering for Resilient Coders, Leon has helped train and place hundreds of Black and Brown engineers into family sustaining engineering roles. Before Resilient Coders, he co-founded SocialSci, a scientific surveying platform relied upon by over 4,000 academic institutions and held an associate position at Harvard University. He is a regular lecturer at Harvard Business School, a guest lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Business, and a Distinguished Faculty Member at General Assembly.

  • Claire Image

    Claire (Mayanwolfe)

    Maintainer, 100Devs

    Mayanwolfe (Claire) is a Senior BI Engineer with a day job building ETL pipelines, writing SQL, and building backend apps with C#.NET. She has a decade of experience in data analytics, and would love to tell you about all the cool things you can do in Microsoft Excel. In her spare time she teaches web development, fosters orphaned kittens, and plays tug-of-war with her standard poodle, Ben.

Keeping it real

It takes more then just learning to code

When the pandemic hit, we formed to help those affected learn new skills and get jobs as software engineers. We want to help individuals unlock a family sustaining career and believe that you should not have take food off your table or money out of your pocket to make that happen. We are aiming for full-time family sustaining jobs with good benefits not the FAANG 100k+ dream.

From beginner to employable in a year+ not weeks

To be perfectly clear, the job market for developers right now is tough, but we have never gone the traditional route to get jobs. Through #100Devs you will get real clients, build large custom portfolio ready fullstack web applications, volunteer with grassroots orginizations, contribute to open source, complete hundreds of coding challenges, work on large development teams to ship real products, and build a network that most other job applicants won't put the work into achieving. This is how we are able to consistently get our alumni jobs. It's not magic, just a fuckton of work that most people don't have the privilege or desire to complete.

  • Weekly Networking. On top of your course work, you will be expected to build your network each week. Don't worry we'll help with this, but know that this network not your coding skills is what will get you your first job.
  • Daily Practice. Spaced Repetition is an important aspect of our program. Expect to review the things you learned and complete coding challenges daily.

This course is taught live and demands 20+ hours a week of your time. We’ve helped thousands of people learn to code and helped hundreds get jobs as software engineers. Our community is here to help you do it too!

“As a direct result of the time you invested in me, I put in the work and got a job as a full-stack software engineer. I now make more than double what I've made my entire life. I've moved from lower class (which I previously thought impossible to escape) to being middle class. I can afford to eat and get medical aid without worrying if I will be able to keep my lights on. I don't want to get too wild, but I might even be able to own a house someday!

When you live with a very poor quality of life every day, you don't always notice the constant anxiety in the back of your mind, constantly taking up resources in your brain. Since I started this job, it has become clear how insidious such a poor quality of life really is. For the first time, I feel like I will be okay.”

Garland K. – Software Engineer @Valcom


Complete a few tasks and fill out our application form.



A year long intensive dive into software engineering.



Find your own paid clients or contribute to our agency.


Get A Job

Our community meets daily until you get a job.

Using a screen reader, please find a more accessible application here

Application Step One: Please Complete These Tasks

Application Step Two: Please Fill Out This Form

The humans behind the community

Mariam Shennawe

Mariam Shennawe

#100Maintainer - Website

My technical knowledge spans HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, MongoDB, Next.js, and React. My past work includes successful projects for prominent HelloFresh brands, such as Green Chef and TheModern Milkman, where my campaign pages received high acclaim and reinforced my commitment to developing world-class software solutions



#100Maintainer - Moderation

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Laura Abro

Laura Abro

#100Maintainer - CommunityTaught

I'm a full stack developer, previously working with PostgreSQL and PHP, now developing with Node.js, Tailwind CSS, MongoDB, and Svelte. Eight years of experience with ecommerce has given me a strong understanding of UX principles, performance optimization, responsive design and testing, SEO, and accessibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is #100Devs?

A digital agency that offers a free 30 week training program, meant to bring you from zero programming skills to employable taught by Leon Noel. Please join our Discord for the most up to date information.

When and where are classes hosted?

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:30PM - 9:30PM Eastern Time. They are hosted live on Twitch.

Any variations from schedule will be announced in advance. Please keep an eye on the announcements channel of the Discord and on your email.

When are office hours?

Sunday, 1:00PM Eastern Time. Office hours will normally go for 2-3 hours and are hosted live on Twitch.

Any variations from schedule will be announced in advance. Please keep an eye on the announcements channel of the Discord and on your email.

What will we learn?

All the fundamental skills you need to unlock a career as a software engineer. Also, the practical skills you need to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Node, Express, MongoDB, and some CS theory.

What equipment will I need?

You will need a functional computer, an internet browser, and some form of text editor. For text editors, I will use Visual Studio Code (VS Code) on stream, but Atom, Sublime Text, or any other text editor will do.

YOU DO NOT NEED A NEW COMPUTER! If it can run chrome, it is good enough to learn all the way up to you getting a job. Hopefully, your new employer will then give a new machine for work.

How do I use Discord?

Please see the beginner’s guide to Discord for help.

There are a lot of channels in the discord. Please try to post your messages in the channel that makes the most sense to ensure your message isn’t missed (for example, if you having an issue with a javascript question, post it in the #javascript-help channel).

The #100Devs family is big, so you may need to adjust your notification settings. Please see Discord’s guide to notifications for help.

How does the program work for a newcomer?

If you would like to join, please complete these taks:

Fill out this form:

And be sure to join our Discord, where all the course materials will be posted and you will find 60,000+ folx ready to help you on your engineering journey:

Make sure you agree to the rules (must click the green check mark) and click the icons in the #join-100Devs channel. This will give you full access and place you into House Hamilton to start for support!

If you don’t click the three icons, you will not see every channel on Discord

You will be a part of Hamilton House, one of three ‘houses’ in this bootcamp. All of our materials will be posted in the discord for you to code along, get homework assignments, and get support from your peers.

Please tune in on Twitch to watch the lectures live. Any missed lectures can also be viewed on Twitch, or on Youtube

What are the ‘houses’?

House Turing, House Hopper, and House Hamilton.

Turing has access to Leon as a reference, resume and portfolio reviews, mock interviews, and a private house channel in the discord. Turing also has mandatory requirements of attendance, networking, and coding challenges. Failure to meet these requirements may result in being moved to House Hopper.

Hopper can use channel points for reviews and interviews, and has their own private house channel in the discord. Those in House Hopper that would like to move to House Turing for the extra perks, please keep doing all of the obligations and as people move out of Turing, those in Hopper who are demonstrating dedication will be moved in.

House Hamilton has the flexibility to follow along with the bootcamp without the same level of commitment as Turing and Hopper. Hamilton can use their channel points for Turing benefits

How do I use Twitch? What are ‘channel points’?

Simply go here at class time to watch the live stream. You can ask questions directly in the Twitch chat.

Channel points are accumulated by watching the stream. They will be visible right below the chat bar. If you click there, you will see things you can redeem with your channel points, including resume reviews, portfolio reviews, mock interviews, and more! You can see Twitch’s official guide to channel points here.

What will be expected of me?

If you want to gain the most of the course, you should attend class, do the assigned homework, get involved in networking, and participate in the provided coding challenges.

You will be asked to check-in for each class by retweeting a tweet on Twitter. This is how we take attendance.

You should expect to spend 10+ hours per week, outside of class, for practice/homework/networking/etc.

The biggest factor in your success is you. Work hard, ask for help when you need it, give help to others when you can, and stay positive.

What happens if I miss a stream, or want to catch up on a the old ones?

They will still be visible on Twitch here, and they will be up on Youtube within a few days.

Where do I go when I have a question?

Please use the appropriate help channel on Discord. If you have something that can only be answered by Leon, then please use the #ask-leon-and-mods channel. You can also check out the #resources channel for helpful links. If you are looking for a specific resource, please ask.

See more FAQs